Translation team and quality

Our language teams consist of experienced translators with the respective target language as their mother tongue. Our project management makes sure that texts for specific clients, subject areas and language combinations are assigned to the same translators whenever possible. Each translation is read and reviewed prior to delivery by a second qualified specialist based on the “four-eyes” principle.

Specialist areas and industries

Well-versed in a wide range of subjects, we know exactly what you’re talking about when it comes to the following: advertising, marketing and communications, public transport, pension funds and insurance, financial and legal services, gastronomy and tourism, environmental and climate protection, lifestyle and culture, consumer goods, charities.

Corporate language

Through the use of CAT tools (computer-assisted translation software), consistency can be ensured at all levels. Upon request we can also prepare guidelines and glossaries with technical terms, typographical rules, abbreviations and special words that are important to you and should be consistently employed. Or we use your existing terminology database in order to maintain and implement your corporate language.  

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