Whether lengthy or short, general or technical, for an internal or external audience, for an advertisement or contract, promotional material or regulations, footnotes, headlines, client mailing or brochure, or if you’d like to present your company’s website in multiple languages, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us by phone or e-mail.


We would be pleased to assist you in developing and assessing names for products, companies or services in multiple languages. For each proposed name, native speakers examine the meaning of the words, potential associations, the sound, readability and pronunciation so that the name can be employed internationally for maximum impact – without any unpleasant surprises.


Upon request we are also able to proofread your texts, giving them a careful review for errors in orthography, punctuation and grammar. In addition, we check for the correct spelling of proper names and typographical details.


Copyediting goes beyond a mere review of orthography and grammar to include stylistic and logical enhancements of the text.

Notarisations / apostilles

For many administrative matters such as commercial register extracts and statutes, it is necessary to have translations notarised. We will obtain the required certification from the notary office for you. Documents destined for other countries often require a supplementary attestation (apostille). This is issued by the Chancellery of the Canton of Zurich and authenticates the certification by the notary. We would be happy to take care of this for you as well – with utmost professionalism, efficiency and discretion.


Upon request we would be glad to provide you with a non-binding offer. The price is based on the volume and type of text. Send us an e-mail with the source text and any other necessary details. Or give us a call and we can inform and advise you.

General conditions

Our general conditions are an integral part of the jobs entrusted to us.

1. As a general rule, services are charged by the hour. The fee includes our quality assurance review and answering of any follow-up questions about translations. Subsequent changes in the source text requiring adaption of the translation are invoiced according to the time involved.

2. For larger jobs performed under a tight deadline, an express surcharge is applied.

3. Quoted prices are to be considered an estimate of the costs for the specific job and the requested service.

4. Written complaints are accepted within a 20-day period following delivery. In justifiable cases, we will furnish a retranslation of specified passages. Further claims are excluded. Objections pertaining to portions of text or partial deliveries do not constitute a complaint about the entire delivery.

5. Payment conditions: 30 days net from the date of invoice.

6. Jurisdiction and place of contract fulfilment is Zurich, Switzerland.  

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